Make Your Own Ben 10 Omnitrix

Published: 03rd December 2009
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The Omnitrix from the Ben 10 cartoon show is the watch like contraption that Ben cannot remove from his wrist. He uses it to dial up one of a selection of alien alter egos and then slams the dial down when he's in danger to turn into his chosen alien. Each alien has special powers that Ben uses to fight evil. Children are mad for Ben 10 toys and the Omnitrix along with action figures of the alien characters are usually top of their lists. If you would prefer to get your children involved with arts and crafts rather than buying them this must have toy, check out these two simple methods for making your own Ben 10 Omnitrix toy from things you will have around the house.

Option 1

Find an old black sock and cut the closed end off. Find a small matchbox or similar sized box. Find an empty toilet roll and cut a 2cm piece from one end. Attach this circular piece of cardboard to the matchbox so that one of the open circle ends is visible. Paint the box and circle combination in green and black in a style to match the Omnitrix. You should be able to copy one of the many images available on the internet. Superglue the box to the middle of the sock so that when the sock is pulled onto your child's arm, the watch part will be in a suitable place. Next cut out some small circles of tough paper or cardboard that are just slightly bigger than the diameter of the toilet roll you used. Paint them in the same green as you used for the other part of the watch. Take some black paper and copy some small alien outlines again using the internet or other Ben 10 pictures you may have in books or comics. Make sure they are small enough to fit onto the green disks you have just painted. Cut out these alien silhouettes and stick them onto the green disks. Put Blu-Tack around the edge of the watch dial and attach one of the alien disks. Later you can then interchange the alien disks easily.

Option 2

Find an old lid from a milk carton which is about 3cm in diameter and sheets of A4 paper in black and Ben 10 green. Take the black paper and cover the lid with it. Also cut a 3cm wide strip of black paper slightly longer than the wrap around your child's wrist and tape it onto them. Attach the covered lid onto the paper on their wrist. Take the green paper and cut an hour glass shape from it that is slightly smaller than the lid and stick it on top.

Hopefully you will be able to use one of the two methods outlined above to make some great Ben 10 watches.

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